REform by RERUM

Welcome to REform, a tool powered by RERUM. REform seeks to structure linked open data. RERUM works with manifests to achieve this goal. By providing a manifest URL, you can begin to structure the data of a manifests. If the manifest provided is a RERUM manifest that you own, you will be able to update the manifest directly. If not, RERUM will offer you the chance to save a copy under your name in RERUM that references the original.

REform also works with the RERUM Inbox. If you do not wish to alter the manifest you are working with, you can choose to have RERUM inbox announce to the manifest that there are changes. The new structure will be preserved and can be taken from RERUM inbox at any time. The owner of the manifest can choose whether or not to absorb the announcement.

Enter a manifest URL to create a table of contents for the canvases contained within it. If there are existing table of contents for the manifest, we will offer the chance to load them for editing.

Manifest URL: